Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance and we’ll be happy bakers.
This gives us the needed time to create exceptional loaves of sourdough bread and/or deliciously flakey pastries for you to tuck into.

You can pick up your order from our bakery Wednesday to Sunday or from the Christchurch Farmers’ Market every Saturday.

If you wake up feeling like artisan baked goods but haven’t placed an order – no worries. Just pop along to either of the above locations nice and early and we’ll have a fine selection of sourdough bread and irresistible pastries waiting for you, including filled bagels to grab for brunch and lunch.



We reckon the village bakers from way back knew how to roll.

Grizzly pays homage to traditional Old World processes and practices, with each baker in our kitchen mixing both time and premium ingredients to produce the best damn sourdough loaves in town.

Our artisan breads are given the real treatment, created over a slow 36+ hour process using full sourdough. We live in a region spoiled with a supreme production of flours and grains – so we go full local and source ours from Milmore Downs and Farmers Mill (spray-free of course).

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While sourdough and bagels are our main obsession, we’ve got a bit of a rep around town for our sweet and buttery stuff – croissants with glossy lamination, morning buns rolled up in caramel, Bombolini-styled donuts and double choc cookies that’ll change your life. You’ll find the full range at our bakery window or every Saturday at the market.

Donuts at Nostalgia Festival
Breakfast of Croissant Champions